Enhancing Core Teaching Skills with Technology

Rebecca Stuckey

A Little About Me

  • Name: Rebecca Stuckey
  • Education: Indiana University Of Pennsylvania (1993-1997)
  • School District: Austin Area School District
  • Subject: K-12 Library Media Science

Introduction to my ePortfolio

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I have worked extremely hard throughout the past several weeks learning new and exciting technology that can easily be integrated into my classroom curriculum. Not just for the sake of having technology available, but rather, to provide students with authentic, meaningful and real-world experiences.

My ePortfolio contains a variety of activities and links to help assist teachers and students in developing project-based activities that promote cooperative learning and combine 21st Century skills. The possibilities are endless!!

My goal(s)

My goals for myself are based on self-reflection and the results of the LoTi Digital-Age Survey assessment.

An overall goal for myself would be to learn the necessary skills needed to be able to provide a wider variety of authentic and meaningful learning opportunities, seamlessly incorporated into technology within my classroom.

According to the Level of Technology Implementation, I am at level 2 Exploration. I would like to work towards level 3 and begin to implement technology as an integrated part of my curriculum, rather than as a supplement to existing activities.

In the area of Current Instructional Practices, I am at level 1 Intensity. I would like to work towards level 2 and begin to implement more student directed learning and authentic assessment strategies.

In the area of Personal Computer Use, I am at a level 0 Intensity. I would like to move towards level 1 or possible beyond this level. I would like to become more comfortable and literate with difference computer programs and applications, as well as various technology available.

My Integration Plan