#5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources. Teachers:

  • participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative applications of technology to improve student learning
  • exhibit leadership by demonstrating a vision of technology infusion, participating in shared decision making and community building, and developing the leadership and technology skills of others
  • evaluate and reflect on current research and professional practice on a regular basis to make effective use of existing and emerging digital tools and resources in support of student learning
  • contribute to the effectiveness, vitality, and self-renewal of the teaching profession and of their school and community

Summary of forum

As I read through the forum discussions, it is apparent that all of my colleagues and I have experienced the same problems and frustrations over restrictions place on our internet access. I am sure that we all would agree that some type of filtering system needs to in place to protect our students, we have all seen what is readily available on the internet, inappropriate or not. It also appears that we as a whole would like to see changes make to our current filtering system, even if we are unsure of how to see it implemented. Having each other to bounce solutions and ideas off of on how to improve our technology program, as well as on ways to work around our boundaries is crucial.


Critical Thinking Skills Reflection

I currently am attempting to use project-based learning within my classroom, however I am certain that there is much room for improvement. Most of the projects that I am currently using are based on teacher directed outcomes, as well as closely monitored processes for achievement. For example, traditional biography projects, research projects and the ever so dreaded, Dewey Decimal System. I need to, as a teacher, allow my students to lead the learning process more, to take more initiative in the process and to be more creative with the final outcome. I have learned many new technology tools that I feel will help me accomplish a more successful project-based curriculum, including Smart Board technology, wiki pages, voice threads and student blogs.

After reviewing the online communities available, I can see the benefit of using some of the tools within the classroom for students and some of the tools as a professional resource. I can see myself using wiki pages with my students and I have actually started a new wiki page to share 8th grade research projects. I think that my students would enjoying blogging and it would be a nice way to encourage class participation and critical thinking skills. I am not sure how to incorporate Twittering into the classroom? Nings appear to be an exciting tool for me as a professional. I can see the benefit of connecting with other teachers and sharing thought and ideas.
My artifacts demonstrating this standard (What?)
The artifacts that are presented on this page that demonstrate this standard are:
1. Critical Thinking Skills Reflection
2. Review of online communities

My Reflection on meeting this standard (So What?)

I have met this standard by exploring and reviewing online communities and reviewing current teaching practices.

My Future Learning Goals related to this standard (Now What?)

In the future I would like to continue to participate in online learning communities..